Buying a Camera

These are the things to consider

  • Sharing to social media. Another amazing thing about your smartphone is that instant ability to send off a snap through WhatsApp, or post it directly to Instagram. The camera world is a bit slow in regard to easily connecting to your smartphone — it is totally possible, so I don’t want to scare you off that it’s too difficult to do, but obviously transferring from a separate device adds a step here. There are a few random examples of cameras that do post directly to social media, but they are quite niche. All this said, I do recommend some models over others in this regard, because this apps can file management vary across brands. (Sony is especially bad here, in my opinion.)
  • Processing power. Research and development funding is stacked heavily in favor of brands like Apple, Samsung and Huawei, which means that advancements in technology favor the abilities of smartphone processors over “real” cameras by Canon, Sony or Fuji. Computational photography is what allows the Google Pixel or iPhone to fire off dozens of images in a split second and combine them into a decent-looking shot of a poorly lit scene. Accomplishing this as easily on a dedicated camera cannot quite be done.
When you think of the best photos you’ve seen from Instagram, it’s very unlikely they were made using the smallest sensor pictured here.

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